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A swimming pool and its features are bound to outlast many of the fads for the year. It is far more important for a swimming pool to meet the long-term needs of its owner than to wow them for a short period of time. This being said, many of the current trends in pool design will most likely not fall through the cracks any time soon due to their technological benefits, environmental desires, and overall high expectations for your backyard pool scape. Here are 7 trends from 2015 we believe will continue into new pool construction or renovation in 2016, that caught our attention and represent improvements over outdated ways of doing things. Tanning Ledges These ledges created in swimming pool designs create a platform in water about one foot in depth, where you can set lounge chairs for relaxing in the water without getting fully submerged. This creates a unique opportunity for younger swimmers, animals, or sunbathers. Natural Designs Natural deck materials such as limestone and travertine finish the look of your pool’s surround, with pavers coming in a range of colors and styles to personalize your pool design. Aggregate Finishes                                                                                                                                                                           Used in finishing pool interiors, we believe aggregate materials are among the top swimming pool trends continuing into 2016. They come in polished styles made with white or colored plaster mixed with small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads, and come in polished and exposed options, to create a smooth surface. They are also more durable than plaster finishes. Beach Entry Beach entries are a style in which one or more of the pool’s sides gradually slope down into the water, much like the way you would walk into the ocean. We have already seen this trend continuing into new pool construction and renovation in 2016 for its ease of entry, especially good for those who have small children or elderly guests/owners. Digital Features/Automation The amount of maintenance involved in owning a pool is a turn off for many people. However, that is being lowered thanks to automated systems that are increasingly being built into new pools. With these systems, tasks are computer-controlled, and can run either automatically or through an app on your smartphone. LED Lighting LED pool lights come in a variety of colors, and can be programmed to create striking underwater light shows. They’re relatively affordable to install, especially when you factor in the energy efficient savings they bring over the long term. It’s easy to see why LED lighting is a popular choice for both new pool installations and renovations.